Protect your business with our data backup service

We offer a consultancy service to assess your backup needs, followed by a hands-on implementation of a fail-safe backup system.

  • On and off site back-ups
  • Multiple day tracing
  • Automated back-up systems
  • Encrypted cloud-based options
  • Fire and theft protection

We can retrieve your lost data

Data loss can be devastating, whether it's sensitive business files, creative output or items of sentimental value. Our data retrieval specialists will guide you through the process of recovery, providing you with a list of recoverable files and varied options for full or partial recovery of essential files. We work on a 'No Data, No Fee' basis.

Reasons for data loss include: viral infection, hard drive failure, software malfunction and lost partitions. In all cases we have the means and expertise for recovery. We have recently invested in new hardware that can retrieve practically any form of lost data from any device or format.

We have successfully dealt with many different data loss scenarios, such as:

  • Failed SD cards
  • RAID recovery for business users
  • Home PC or Mac hard drive failure
  • Retrieval of audio files for musicians

We can offer quick turnaround times, competitive prices and helpful after-sales support.

Call 07968 423692 to discuss data backup and recovery options

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