Increase speed

We are regularly called by home PC users who are frustrated with how slow their computers have become.  From experience we have found that the best way to dramatically speed is to perform a SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade - the single best upgrade you can make to a computer.   This will turn an old computer into a blazing fast one - faster than a brand new computer would be.  Replace your spinning platter hard drive with a flash memory hard drive giving under 10 second startup times and instant response to every action you do on the computer.  No more waiting!

Operating System Upgrade

Incorrectly installed software upgrades can lead to the loss of applications, settings and functionality - we can take the stress out of the procedure and undertake it with the assurance that your work and programs will remain secure.

Call us for advice on upgrading your machine:

  • Faster processing
  • More memory
  • More disk space
  • Added peripherals
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