Protect your home PC from viral threats now

Many viruses are aimed at obtaining personal information for identity theft, fraud or sometimes used as scare tactics to lure consumers into buying unnecessary programs.

Some of the market’s most popular antivirus software only finds approximately 20% of viruses that could infect your PC. Omnitech Support will install the best software to keep your system safe from virus threats, with a 98% success rate on known viruses and 81% on unknown viruses.

In addition to virus removal we can provide:

  • Anti-virus protection and software
  • Secure e-commerce set-up
  • Practical advice

If your computer is compromised do not use and call immediately. Virus removal doesn’t mean the worst…we can often fix the problem quickly and at low cost without the loss of data and programs or software.

Call 07968 423692 for help with virus protection and removal

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